Jayden Holman


How it all began

You can tell a lot about someone when you walk into their home and each room you enter is a remake of last night’s on-stage performance. A limitless supply of cords and cables hung wall-to-wall, evenly spaced between the guitars mounted high in each room. Amps and speakers piled to the roof, and an impressive collection of keyboards and rock instruments waiting in cue to be picked up and played endlessly throughout the night. Each room you enter in Jayden’s house almost transforms you up on stage and brings you on set in front of screaming fans.


“My home is my sanctuary,” says Jayden, “it is where I stay stimulated, get work done and a place where my friends and family come together for a good time. I look for the inspiration from different things. From my surroundings, my environment, the road and from deep within myself. I feel lucky to have the right people around me because I know I can turn to them to help stay grounded and connected to what matters most to me. And that’s family and playing my music for my fans.” Jayden with a smile, turns around and jeans and barefoot walks up and grabs his guitar from the mount, sits down legs crossed and starts strumming a melody.
From the age when Jayden was just a boy it was clear that he was destined to find his future in music. “I was lucky to find out what I love early on in my life. The feeling I got when I was twelve years old and had to improvise a harmony in front of my music class was actually the start of it all,” Jayden chuckled, “I just closed my eyes, let go and the melody came out.”


Jayden continued, “It has never been about me. Performing takes me to another world. I create a stage where I can connect with my audience. It’s just me and them. It’s not my place, it’s our place. It has always been for my audience. It’s a magical feeling. The energy I get from them feeds me. It fills me. It’s my preferred diet.”
When asked about fears in life, Jayden explained how his biggest fear is playing for the wrong reason. “The fear I used to feel was the pressure to have to succeed.  I felt it build inside of me. I used to think about how I was expected to play or how I should be writing my songs.”
Then as if a breeze of coolness swept through the room, Jayden continued, “I just started focusing on my music. I began to seek out my inspirations in life and fed off those things. I started to write about those things. I focused on why I love music and how performing gives me the chance to reach out and move my audience. It’s about what I can give, not what I can take. I want to lift people up and inspire them. This is my focus. This is my gift. I crave the next moment to get on stage and connect with my audience and move them in a way that takes us to a new world.”


Jayden is clearly a man with a vision and will stop at nothing to make his mark on music today.


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