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Jayden Holman, a passionate young singer/songwriter and dynamic performer, developed his musical chops in the breathtaking setting of Nanaimo BC and in 2022 moved to Edmonton AB to pursue his emerging artist career in a more urban, musically-rich environment. Drawing inspiration from the canvas of life itself, Jayden crafts his music from personal experiences, believing that the best melodies and lyrics are born from genuine living.


His musical odyssey is fueled by a mission to connect deeply with his audience, whether it's

fostering a space for a good time or delving into more nuanced emotional layers. With a desire to bring his music to as many stages as possible, Jayden’s goal as an artist is to connect with diverse audiences everywhere through carefully crafted songs and performances. To date, his career has been shaped by opportunity and has seen Jayden open for a slew of iconic acts including Allan Jackson, Jason McCoy, Loverboy, Aaron Pritchett, Everlast and numerous others. 


Jayden’s eclectic musical palette spans a range of styles, from the sultry backbeat of R&B to classic rock, to the soulful twang of old country tunes.  He has always felt a deep connection with the neoclassics, channelling influences like the compelling hooks of Bryan Adams and the timeless harmonies of The Eagles into his own distinctive sound.


As a singer-songwriter, Jayden’s heart lies in the art of the intimate performance, and he has an uncanny way of holding an audience’s attention with just his voice and his guitar. Conversely, this dynamic in no way limits his ability to deliver a powerhouse show with a live band that brings a crowd to its feet. In fact, from the moment Jayden stepped onto his very first stage, a profound sense of belonging took over and shaped his love of the spotlight. Currently poised on the brink of a significant musical milestone, Jayden has a cache of freshly recorded tracks in the can and is gearing up to release new music that reflects his creative growth and will make true believers of new listeners.   

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